Did you have a favorite teacher in high school that really inspired you?  Do you ever look back at your old school and wish you could do something to make the experience better?  The State Department has a wonderful Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program for for high school teachers of English as a Foreign Language, Social Science, and Math and Sciences.  It’s a professional development opportunity of a lifetime. You can tell your teachers about it by sending them this video, put together by the folks at IREX in Washington, DC, who are implementing this program:

There are two weeks left until the April 27, 2009, deadline to submit applications for the program in Poland.  Application materials can be found on the Embassy’s website. Not only do participants participate in workshops where they work on the latest teaching methodology and have the opportunity to test it out in classrooms in the US, but participants can host US teachers in their home countries after the completion of the program and apply for follow-on grants to continue to innovate education in Poland. 

This is such a great program, help us spread the word!  Tell your old high school teachers, send them the links and encourage them to apply.