From June 24 through 26, we enjoyed a very successful visit of retired Lieutenant General Larry Farrell in Poland, who spoke to audiences in Warsaw and Krakow about the latest report he worked on with a group of American energy and national security experts, “Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security.”


In addition to private meetings with Polish officials, General Farrell spoke with media outlet RMF FM in Krakow and Horyzonty‘s Maciej Wierzynski, and also met with the Diplomatic Academy and a public audience at the University of Warsaw library, for an event co-hosted by demosEUROPA and moderated by Adam Jasser. 

To find out more about the report, check out this video.  Also available is the previous year’s report on “National Security and the Threat of Climate Change.”

This program was made possible by the World Resources Institute, an environmental think tank based in Washington, DC.