Last week, Łukasz Szozda, the young Polish filmmaker who won the grand prize among European entrants in this year’s international “Democracy is…” Video Challenge, participated in a web chat with young people across the globe. His creative film was played again – for those who didn’t get a chance to see it when it came out – and Łukasz answered questions. We are presenting some of the most interesting questions and answers below and invite everyone to read the full webchat transcript here. To view other films by Łukasz, please visit his homepage:

Q: How did you develop the concept for your film?
Luke: I just took the simplest ideas of democracy that came to my mind and tried to illustrate them in an entertaining and interesting way.

Q: How difficult was it to do an animation video?
Luke: For me… easier than to make a normal video. It depends on what you are good at. I am an animator, so I express my thoughts this way. Animation takes time but that’s the way I like to describe world.

Q: I have read that the people of Poland are somewhat disappointed with the way things have turned out in post-communist Poland. Do you think Poles are disappointed with democracy?
Luke: I think it depends on the people. There will always be some that are unhappy, whatever the system. I think it’s good we were able to win Democracy in Poland after all years of communism and even though it might not be perfect, it is still better than it was before.

Q: How long did it take you to make the movie?
Luke: It took a couple of days to figure out the concept, we were having a brainstorm with my fiancé which ideas of democracy would be best to outline, then how to illustrate them, then another couple of days to make the animation, and another to add the sound. I would say it took about three weeks.