Eric Weiner, an American journalist and author, long-time foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, and reporter for the New York Times, will meet the Warsaw public on December 10 at 18:00 at infoQultura, Pl. Konstytucji 4, to discuss his experiences as a journalist around the world, and his newest book, “The Geography of Bliss.” The book, as described by the author, is an “atypical travel book” which explores questions like: “What are the essential ingredients for the good life? Why are some places happier than others? How are we shaped by our surroundings?”

The event, organized by the U.S. Embassy with partners Kosmoshow, Carta Blanca Publishing, and infoQultura, will include a discussion with the audience and will be broadcast live on Kosmoshow. The event is open to the public and will be in English (simultaneously translated into Polish). Please join us!