Ambassador Lee Feinstein bows his head during a vigil prior to the funeral mass of Polish Deputy Minister of Defense Stanislaw Komorowski in the Military Field Cathedral April 16, 2010. (U.S. Embassy photo by Capt. John Ross)

Ambassador Feinstein attended the funeral of Deputy Defense Minister Stanislaw Komorowski in Warsaw today, accompanied by Kurt Amend, Senior Advisor on Security Negotiations and Agreements at the U.S. Department of State, Colonel Tim Burke, Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation, and Colonel Mary Peterson, Air Attaché. Speaking about Komorowski, Ambassador Feinstein said, “Minister Komorowski was our invaluable partner on bilateral defense issues of vital importance to both countries, including Missile Defense and the upcoming rotation of Patriot Missiles in Poland. With Minister Komorowski seated across the table from our negotiators during U.S.-Polish talks on a Status of Forces Agreement, we knew we would come up with an agreement that met both sides’ needs, and we did. His energy, his leadership and his mastery of security issues will be sorely missed by his American colleagues at the United States Departments of State and Defense. America mourns a true friend.”