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The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw invites you to a presentation and discussion with Wanda Urbanska, TV producer and author/host of “Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska” on PBS television. She is long-time advocate of sustainability, who has been identified by The New York Times as the “spokeswoman for a phenomenon known as the simplicity movement.” This event will take place on March 25 at 5:00 pm at Warsaw’s Main Public Library at ul. Koszykowa 26/28. The event is open to public and simultaneous translation will be provided. Wanda Urbanska is an author and co-author of several books on the simple living concept: The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life, Less is More; Simple Living; Nothing’s too Small to Make a Difference; Moving to a Small Town. She has recently spent most of her time in Poland on sabbatical leave, writing a new book. She will share some insights of her Polish experience on simple living during the presentation. For more information about Wanda Urbanska please visit her website:

The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, and the Zacheta National Gallery of Art invite you to a discussion with renowned American architects Anne Dyson and Christopher Sharples, who will address “New American Architecture: Architecture as an Ecological System” during a digital video conference on Wednesday March 10 at 11 a.m. The program, which is free and open to the public, will take place at the Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Sala Kinowa (entrance from ulica Burschego).

Anne Dyson is a director of the Center of Architecture, Science, and Ecologies (CASE) at the School of Architecture at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. Christopher Sharples, a leading American architect and one of the founders of the SHoP Architects in New York, has taught at Parsons School of Design, the City University of New York, Columbia University, Yale University, and the University of Virginia.

Wednesday’s conference will be held in English, and Polish commentary will be given by Wojciech T. Oktawiec, president of Path Architecture in New York. The audience in Warsaw will connect to Krakow, where both architects are lecturing about modern American architecture to the general public.

Professor Mark Rozell

Szanowni Państwo,

W dn. 23-26.02.2010 bedziemy gościć w Warszawie prof. Marka Rozella, wykladowcę public policy George Mason University w Arlington, Virginia, USA.  Z wielką przyjemnością zapraszam Państwa na poniższe spotkania (wstęp wolny).

Wtorek, 23.02. godz. 16:45

Obama: His First Year Leadership

Instytut Stosunków Międzynarodowych UW

ul. Żurawia 4, Aula Latynoamerykańska (parter, na lewo od wejścia)

Sroda, 24.02. godz. 16:00

Obama: His First Year Leadership

Ośrodek Studiów Amerykanistycznych

al. Niepodleglosci 22, sala 317


Czwartek, 25.02. godz. 11:40

Obama: His First Year Leadership

Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Prawa im. Ryszarda Łazarskiego

ul. Swieradowska 43, sala 130, I piętro

Czwartek, 25.02. godz. 16:00

Panel: Religia – Polityka – Demokracja (spotkanie z tłumaczeniem symultanicznym)


Prof. Mark Rozell: Polityka a religia: przykład Stanów Zjednoczonych

o. Maciej Zięba, dominikanin, filozof: Wpływ religii na demokracje europejskie

Biblioteka Publiczna Warszawy

ul. Koszykowa 26/28 (w pobliżu pl. Konstytucji)

Prośba o potwierdzenie uczestnictwa:





Special Assistant, Office of Policy and International Affairs

United State Department of Energy


The Role of New Media in Elections: Tales from the Obama for America Campaign


Thursday, January 28 at 17:00

Koszykowa Library, Koszykowa 26/28

Entrance F



Damian Bednarz, Special Assistant in the Office of Policy and International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy, will meet the Warsaw public at the U.S. Embassy’s next America Presents program on January 28 at 17:00 at the Koszykowa Library.

Mr. Bednarz spent two years working on new media with the Obama for America campaign before joining the Department of Energy, where he now covers regional energy issues in Central/Eastern Europe and the Middle East and as domestic efforts on renewable energy, climate change, and a national ocean policy.  Mr. Bednarz, a graduate of Seton Hall University and Marist College, researched Polish political parties and the mechanics behind coalition building as a Fulbright Scholar in Warsaw from 2004-2005. 

In addition to a discussion of new media on the campaign trail, Mr. Bednarz is happy to discuss the U.S. role in addressing the latest global energy challenges.                               

The event will be translated into Polish and open to general public.

If you like to attend this event please RSVP to




Specjalny asystent, Biuro Polityki i Spraw Międzynarodowych

Amerykański Departament Energetyki


“Rola Nowych Mediów w Wyborach. Kampania Obama dla Ameryki”


Czwartek, 28.01. godz. 17:00

Biblioteka Publiczna Warszawy, ul. Koszykowa 26/28, wejście F


Wstęp wolny.

Spotkanie z tłumaczeniem symultanicznym.

Prosimy o potwiedzenie obecnosci:

Oprócz dyskusji na temat roli nowych mediow, Pan Bednarz chętnie przedyskutuje role jaka odgrywają Stany Zjednoczone w odniesiniu do ostatnich swiatowych wyzwań energetycznych.

America Presents


“America Presents” programs bring a wide array of American cultural, political, historical, and economic topics to diverse audiences in Poland.  Through this program, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw offers free, public presentations and talks by American scholars, artists, athletes, and experts.  The events are generally designed for journalists, students, English teachers, and academic faculty (from International Relations, American Studies, and English Departments of universities and private academia). In addition, anyone with an interest in the United States or the event’s theme is welcome to attend. 
As a rule, all presentations are given in English, although occasional exceptions will be advertised.  Recent participants of this program have included award-winning novelist Amy Tan, photographer Robert Heller, best-selling author Steve Berry, journalist Tom Friedman, filmmaker Richard Adams, Professor Rasma Karlins, author/professor/playwright Anne Nelson, and author Eric Weiner.

Eric Weiner, an American journalist and author, long-time foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, and reporter for the New York Times, will meet the Warsaw public on December 10 at 18:00 at infoQultura, Pl. Konstytucji 4, to discuss his experiences as a journalist around the world, and his newest book, “The Geography of Bliss.” The book, as described by the author, is an “atypical travel book” which explores questions like: “What are the essential ingredients for the good life? Why are some places happier than others? How are we shaped by our surroundings?”

The event, organized by the U.S. Embassy with partners Kosmoshow, Carta Blanca Publishing, and infoQultura, will include a discussion with the audience and will be broadcast live on Kosmoshow. The event is open to the public and will be in English (simultaneously translated into Polish). Please join us!

W czwartek, 29 października warsztaty teatralne “Theater and Trauma” w  Gdańsku poprowadzi między innymi Anne Nelson pisarka, korespondent wojenny, wykładowca na Columbia School of International and Public Affairs i autorka sztuki “The Guys”.   

Anne Nelson

Zapisy prowadzone są drogą emailową:

Szczegółowy program zajęć można znaleźć tutaj


The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw is proud to welcome Anne Nelson to Poland, where she will participate in progams in both Warsaw and Gdansk.  Ms. Nelson, adjunct associate professor, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, writer, war reporter and media scholar will meet the Warsaw public at the Polish premiere reading of her play “The Guys” (Chłopaki) at the Warsaw Theater Academy “Koło” stage on October 27 at 19:00.

The play was translated into Polish by Artur Zapałowski and directed by Jarosław Kilian, staring Małgorzata Lipmann and Dominik Łoś.

“The Guys” first opened in New York  just 12 weeks after the 9/11 attacks with a production starring Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray, and ran for over a year.  Since then, it has been produced in 48 states and 12 foreign countries and has also been made into an award-winning feature film. 

Anne Nelson will also participate in a seminar and workshops organized by the Young Journalists’ Association “Polis” on October 26 at Agora Headquarters, ul. Czerska 8/10. To register, please  email : .
Ms. Nelson will also appear at the  “Theater and Trauma” seminar at Gdansk University  on  October 29, 2009. (more)

To register for the Gdansk event, please e-mail:

We hope you will join us for these events.  Serdecznie zapraszamy!

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