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 Jesteśmy już półtora roku po ostatnich wyborach prezydenckich w Stanach Zjednoczonych, ale ponieważ czekamy na wybory prezydenckie w Polsce, to ciągle jest aktualny temat.  Ale dla rozmowy ze studentami na UKSW, zdecydowałam raczej skoncentrować się na roli prawyborów w naszej polityce, bo wydaje mi się że niewiele wiadomo ten temat w Polsce.  I żeby rozumieć naszą politykę, potrzebne jest wiedza o tym kluczowym procesie. 

Przez ponad dwie godziny rozmawialiśmy o prawyborach w 2000r. (kampania Johna McCaina kontra Georga Busha), w 2004r. (gubernator Howard Dean, senator John Edwards, i senator John Kerry), i oczywiście w 2008r. (senator Barack Obama kontra senator Hillary Clinton, a potem Obama kontra McCain). 

Na szczęście, studenci UKSW byli najlepszymi słuchaczami i mielismy bardzo ciekawą rozmowę o wielu sprawach – o roli nowych mediów jak i tradycyjnych, o roli obywateli w demokracji, o historii amerykańskich wyborów prezydenckich.  Poniżej przedstawiam kilka linków do klipow wideo, z których korzystałam w ramach prezentacji. 

Jeżeli ktoś z was chciałby słuchać tej prezentacji na żywo, proszę skontaktować się z nami na adres Culture_Warsaw@state.gov, temat: Embassy Speakers Bureau. 

Jeszcze raz, dziękuję Kłlu Naukowemu Studentów Politologii i Doktorantom Nauk Politycznych UKSW, którzy mnie zaprosili, i Kamilowi Nowakowi, który ugościł mnie na kampusie.  Bardzo było mi milo was poznać. 

Links to videos:

[You may have seen yesterday’s post on Gdynia Business Week, a program of Washington Business Week and the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association that the Embassy supported in a variety of ways.  Here’s the report on Friday’s events from my colleague Larry Grippo, who traveled to the event as part of the Embassy’s Speakers Bureau program.  If you are interested in inviting a U.S. diplomat to participate in your event in Poland, please visit this page for more information on Speakers Bureau.]

On Friday, August 21, I served as a judge for two events held at Ogolnoksztalace High School in Gdynia as part of Gdynia Business Week.  Approximately 80 students from 22 high schools in Gdynia, along with five students from Seattle, participated in a week long program that culminated in a stockholder presentation and trade show.  I and two other local judges first evaluated two student groups who presented the financial and operational results of their fictional companies.  Using hand drawn charts as visual aids, the students assumed roles as corporate executives and described their company’s performance over the past two years.  The students then answered our questions about their company.

 I then participated as perspective investor during a mock trade show.  This was a much noisier and more interactive part of the program.  I was given several thousand “investor bucks” to give to the companies with the best new product presentation at the trade.  I walked around the trade show venue, listened to students’ sales pitches and discussed the merits of investing his money in their companies.  I was very impressed by the students’ creativity, enthusiasm and high level of fluency in English.  I was not surprised that the “painless cure for liver cancer” won the trade show event.

After the competition, I joined the other judges and the U.S. and local organizers of Gdynia Business Week for a lunch reception.  Everyone was pleased with how the students performed during the week, and the organizers promised to look into bringing the program back to Gdynia next year.

[A first post from Economics Officer Bob D.!]

Bob D. at the Aviation Institute

Bob D. at the Aviation Institute

I joined my colleagues in the Warsaw Scientific-Diplomatic Club for a visit to the Instytut Lotnictwa (ILOT) near Warsaw’s Frédéric Chopin Airport on Wednesday April 1, 2009. The club includes science & technology attachés in the Warsaw diplomatic corps and regularly meets for social and science-oriented events in the Warsaw area. At ILOT we toured laboratories housing research and development projects on advanced landing gears, general aviation safety and security, and structural stress testing in addition to low and high velocity wind tunnels. The Institute’s ongoing partnerships with US firms General Electric and Pratt & Whitney focus on jet engine design and maintenance. There are approximately 800 engineers on its staff. Pictured in the photo with me are science & technology attachés from the French, German, Italian and British Embassies. I’m especially grateful to my French colleague Marc Bondiou and to Dr. Zbigniew Pągowski of ILOT for organizing the visit.

[I’m posting this on behalf of Andy Hay, a vice-consul at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, who apparently had a great time on his latest Speakers Bureau adventure.  If you’d like to invite a U.S. diplomat to speak in your town, please click here to find out more about this program.]

Consular officer Andy Hay was – as usual – blown away by Polish hospitality and generosity during his Wednesday visit to Łódź Voivodeship. Andy gave a talk on 90 years of Polish-American diplomatic relations to a high school class in Przedbórz and to a middle school class in Tomawa. The students, in turn, described in fluent English how the global economic crisis is affecting them differently, depending on the kinds of benefits they receive from the European Union. Wow! Andy then was hosted to a traditional Polish lunch at the Tomawa school by the town mayor, who spoke of his constituents’ great wish to visit the United States. Andy recommends Przedbórz and Tomawa to anyone looking to see agricultural Poland at its finest, and meet Polish people at their friendliest. Not to mention that the students assured him that Przedbórz Kugel is the best!

[The first post by Chris S., a frequent Embassy speaker.  Welcome!]
Students asking questions during Chris' talk in Koscian

Students asking questions during Chris' talk in Koscian

Late last month I was invited to speak to high school students in Koscian and Poznan about American culture. I was delighted to return to Koscian, where the students speak great English and have insightful questions.

It’s always hard to know where to start with American culture, but I find a surefire tactic is to talk about what I know best: movies.