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The New York Times and The Jewish Daily Forward highlighted the work of recent Polish International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumnus Albert Stankowski , who coordinates the “Virtual Shtetl” project for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.The project is a large-scale website which uses Web 2.0 technology to collect over 30,000 photographs, documents, videos, letters and other exhibit material of Jews living in Poland before, during, and after World War II.  This “virtual museum” will be given a physical venue in 2012 when the Museum of the History of Polish Jews opens in Warsaw. 

During his September meeting with U.S. journalists as part of his IVLP program, Mr. Stankowski highlighted this fascinating project, which ultimately resulted  in two articles in which the ‘Virtual Shtetl’ project is prominently featured.  The ‘Virtual Shtetl’ project appears as an example of the Polish Jewish community worldwide sharing their history while using new media tools.  Mr. Stankowski’s example illustrates the impact the IVLP program has in enhancing multilateral awareness and ties between international and U.S. communities.

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Kolja Saksida (Slowenia) - ArtsLink 2008 - w MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) w Nowym Jorku

Nowojorska organizacja CEC ArtsLink, jeszcze do 1 grudnia, 2009 roku przyjmuje podania na dwa bardzo ciekawe programy: ArtsLink Residencies 2010 i ArtsLink Independent Projects.  ArtsLink Residencies to elitarny,
5-tygodniowy program rezydencji
w jednej z uznanych organizacji artystycznych w Stanach Zjednoczonych, gdzie artyści przyjeżdżający z zagranicy współpracują z goszczącymi ich Amerykanami.   ArtsLink Independent Projects to osobny program w ramach którego oferowane są dotacje w wysokości do 5 tys. USD przeznaczone na konkretne projekty dla wybranych kandydatów spełniających odpowiednie kryteria.  Tutaj można znaleźć więcej informacji na temat kryteriów i wymaganej dokumentacji (informacje po angielsku). 

Ze względu na ogromne zainteresowanie programem i dużą konkurencję, należy spodziewać się rygorystycznego procesu selekcji kandydatów, jednak gorąco zachęcamy do składania podań.

Stowarzyszenie Alumni przy Ambasadzie USA w Warszawie zrzeszające polskich uczestników programów wymiany w USA organizuje konkurs na esej. W konkursie mogą wziąć udział osoby, które skończyły 18 lat i które choć raz były w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Konkurs nosi nazwę „Amerykańskie inspiracje.” W eseju konkursowym trzeba opisać swoje doświadczenia związane z pobytem za oceanem, a także ich wpływ na własne życie. Eseiści powinni też pokazać, jak widzą nową kulturę, ludzi i miejsca. Prace należy przesyłać na adres e-mailowy do 31 grudnia 2009 roku.

Wyniki konkursu poznamy do 31 marca 2010 roku. Laureaci swoje nagrody odbiorą w kwietniu przyszłego roku w Warszawie. Koniecznie przeczytaj Regulamin! Znajdziesz w nim ważne informacje dotyczące konkursu.

The Public Affairs Section created an Educational Advising Center for Poles interested in applying to a U.S. university or college.  We have the latest catalogs and guides and up-do-date information on American universities, colleges and graduate programs. Everyone is welcome to stop by but please let us know a few days in advance to make sure someone is there to assist you (calling at least a week ahead will be much appreciated!)  Questions? Please feel free to contact Educational Advisor Magdalena Wącisz directly at: (022) 504 23 63 or via e-mail:

Here’s what we have available:

  • Profiles of American institutions
  • Areas of study and course descriptions
  • Application procedures and strategies
  • Financial aid availability
  • Information on standardized tests (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, and others)

NOTE: The Educational Advising Center’s purpose is to provide general information. We do not serve as an agent or recruiter for any particular educational institution.

We are excited to recommend to our readers the blog of the 2009 Humanity-in-Action participants, “Warsaw’s Melting Pot,” at, where this year’s participants are discussing a range of issues from women’s rights to national minorities to the situation of disable persons in Poland.  You can also see photos from their activities, including a tour of Warsaw and a visit to the former concentration camp at Treblinka. 

Want to take part in this program in 2010?  Application is highly competitive.  Bookmark the HiA Poland page and check back in the winter for more information about next year’s Core Program in Poland as well as the U.S.-based program.


This year, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw has been pleased to support the fourth summer program of Humanity-in-Action Poland, a unique educational and exchange program that brings Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, and Americans together in Poland to work through some of the most difficult questions of history and the present moment.  The summer fellowship program includes several lectures and workshops, as well as a period of research and writing.  Fellows are encouraged to pursue individual action projects in their communities that aim to improve minority rights, and those who complete these projects become Senior Fellows, with the opportunity to apply for international internships and to participate in a network of alumni from all over Europe and the United States. 

We at the Embassy have had the pleasure of supporting this program over the last year, and last night, we were able to celebrate this year’s fellows along with several special guests — Dr. Judith Goldstein, Executive Director of Humanity in Action; Ambassador Eugeniusz Smolar, Chairman of HiA Poland; Ambassador Janusz Reiter, President of HiA Poland; many HiA Senior Fellows from Poland and the United States.  Deputy Chief of Mission Pamela Quanrud hosted this group in her home, where she encouraged the fellows to continue working for minority rights well after the program’s conclusion.  She said:

Your influence will be both individual and as part of a network of people committed to democratic values and minority rights.  Whether you choose to work in politics, in private business, in the non-government sector, in the arts, or in any other field, you can help construct a more peaceful world.

Her comments reinforced the message that Ambassador Victor Ashe delivered to this year’s Fellows during their opening ceremony on June 9:

This exceptional program created by Humanity-in-Action Poland will, I hope, inspire you to be leaders in your communities.  I hope it will strengthen your beliefs while at the same time helping you become more open to the views of others.  I hope it will empower you to go out into the world and strengthen human rights.  I hope that you will leave here with a network and a knowledge base that will support and inspire you throughout your lives.

It is an honor for us to take part in this exceptional program and to get to know the many extraordinary people from all over the world who participate as Fellows and who make it possible as supporters and staff.  We hope you will all stay in touch.