Meet America

On June 30, 2009, we held Meet America Program briefings for a group of 35 U.S. and Canadian students, teachers, NGO activists, journalists and business representatives who visited Poland at the invitation of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation within their School of Leaders program.  Political Officer Duncan Walker spoke to the group about U.S.-Polish cooperation in foreign policy, Economic Officer Thomas Palaia briefed the guests about current financial crisis and how it can affect current Polish-American economic cooperation, and Deputy Cultural Attaché Candace Faber gave a presentation on the Embassy’s role in supporting person-to-person contact between Americans and Poles.


We very much enjoyed meeting these participants and discussing issues that are important to Poles all over the world.  We hope you will keep in touch!

If your group is interested in visiting the Embassy for a Meet America program, please contact Malgorzata Dzielak at DzielakMK -at-


Today, the Embassy got to host a group of students from the Warsaw gymnazjum named for Ignacy Jan Paderewski.  Chris Snipes talked about “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of TV in American culture; Andrew Hay presented on the U.S. education system and opportunities for Polish students at all levels; and Tom Zia gave some examples of U.S. multiculturalism.  We also learned from the students about their favorite Polish movies (Sami Swoi), the Polish food everyone should try (bigos!), and places visitors to Poland must see (Zakopane). 

We had a lot of questions about visas to the U.S. and about study opportunities.  For questions about visas, we encourage you to visit the consular pages of the U.S. Embassy website.  For those interested in study in the U.S., your first stop should be EducationUSA.  If you are seriously considering studying in the U.S., please get in touch with us and we will direct you to a qualified educational adviser.

To the students, we all really enjoyed meeting you, and hope we’ll have a chance to talk again!

Pamela Quanrud and Artur Orzechowski from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pamela Quanrud and Artur Orzechowski from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today we had the pleasure of hosting 18 students from Dickinson College who are on their year abroad at the Nilsson Center for European Studies in Bologna, under the guidance of Professor Douglas Stuart.  We’re always excited to see Americans wanting to learn more about Poland, so when we found out from Jerzy Bystr0wski at the Copernicus Foundation that they would be coming through Warsaw as part of their program, we invited them inside our Embassy to find out what it’s like for us to work as diplomats in Poland.