Entrance is free at CSW’s Kino.Lab (ul. Jazdów 2)!

Friday, March 5

18:00 Within Our Gates, Oscar Micheaux, director; USA, 1920

19:30 Body and Soul, Oscar Micheaux, director; USA, 1925 + Veiled Aristocrats, Oscar Micheaux, director; USA, 1932

Saturday, March 6

17:00 Sidney Poitier. One Bright Light, Lee Grant, director; USA, 2000 18:00 The Defiant Ones, Stanley Kramer, director; USA, 1958

Sunday, March 7

20:00 In the Heat of the Night, Norman Jewison, director; USA, 1967

Join us tonight for the second film screening of Black History Month.  The screening will take place at CSW’s kino.lab (ul. Jazdów 2) at 20:30.  We will be watching In the Heat of the Night, directed by Norman Jewison in 1967. 

In the Heat of the Night stars Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier, and won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. 


                                                 Throughout February, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw joins America in celebrating Black History Month. We will honor the struggle and triumphs of millions of American citizens over the most devastating obstacles, as well as their contributions to the nation’s cultural and political life.

To kick off this celebration, the Embassy is partnering with the CSW Zamek Ujazdowski’s KINO.Lab and the Afryka Inaczej Foundation in a series of film presentations, which showcase African Americans in Cinema from 1920 to the present.   The series will open on February 12 with the presentation of one of the icons of American cinema – the Oscar winning actor and director Sidney Poitier.  The presentations will continue through March, when we will feature the films of Oscar Devereaux Micheaux, widely regarded as the first African-American feature filmmaker.  All showings will take place at CSW’s Kino.Lab (ul. Jazdów 2).

Join us on Friday, February 12

20:30  Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light.  Lee Grant, director; USA, 2000 (documentary on Sidney Poitier)
21:30 The Defiant Ones; Stanley Kramer, director; USA, 1958