Today, the Embassy got to host a group of students from the Warsaw gymnazjum named for Ignacy Jan Paderewski.  Chris Snipes talked about “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of TV in American culture; Andrew Hay presented on the U.S. education system and opportunities for Polish students at all levels; and Tom Zia gave some examples of U.S. multiculturalism.  We also learned from the students about their favorite Polish movies (Sami Swoi), the Polish food everyone should try (bigos!), and places visitors to Poland must see (Zakopane). 

We had a lot of questions about visas to the U.S. and about study opportunities.  For questions about visas, we encourage you to visit the consular pages of the U.S. Embassy website.  For those interested in study in the U.S., your first stop should be EducationUSA.  If you are seriously considering studying in the U.S., please get in touch with us and we will direct you to a qualified educational adviser.

To the students, we all really enjoyed meeting you, and hope we’ll have a chance to talk again!


This year, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw has been pleased to support the fourth summer program of Humanity-in-Action Poland, a unique educational and exchange program that brings Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, and Americans together in Poland to work through some of the most difficult questions of history and the present moment.  The summer fellowship program includes several lectures and workshops, as well as a period of research and writing.  Fellows are encouraged to pursue individual action projects in their communities that aim to improve minority rights, and those who complete these projects become Senior Fellows, with the opportunity to apply for international internships and to participate in a network of alumni from all over Europe and the United States. 

We at the Embassy have had the pleasure of supporting this program over the last year, and last night, we were able to celebrate this year’s fellows along with several special guests — Dr. Judith Goldstein, Executive Director of Humanity in Action; Ambassador Eugeniusz Smolar, Chairman of HiA Poland; Ambassador Janusz Reiter, President of HiA Poland; many HiA Senior Fellows from Poland and the United States.  Deputy Chief of Mission Pamela Quanrud hosted this group in her home, where she encouraged the fellows to continue working for minority rights well after the program’s conclusion.  She said:

Your influence will be both individual and as part of a network of people committed to democratic values and minority rights.  Whether you choose to work in politics, in private business, in the non-government sector, in the arts, or in any other field, you can help construct a more peaceful world.

Her comments reinforced the message that Ambassador Victor Ashe delivered to this year’s Fellows during their opening ceremony on June 9:

This exceptional program created by Humanity-in-Action Poland will, I hope, inspire you to be leaders in your communities.  I hope it will strengthen your beliefs while at the same time helping you become more open to the views of others.  I hope it will empower you to go out into the world and strengthen human rights.  I hope that you will leave here with a network and a knowledge base that will support and inspire you throughout your lives.

It is an honor for us to take part in this exceptional program and to get to know the many extraordinary people from all over the world who participate as Fellows and who make it possible as supporters and staff.  We hope you will all stay in touch.


[This event will take place entirely in Polish. / Te wydarzenie będzie prowadzone w języku polskim.]

Ambasada amerykańska w Warszawie i Fundacja Forum Różnorodności serdecznie zapraszająna kolejną dyskusję w serii pt. “Polityka Tożsamości – transnarodowość a integracja”.

Spotkanie: “Pojęcie ‘rasy’ w Europie i w Stanach Zjednoczonych – porównanie z perspektywy historycznej.”

Po wyborze Obamy na prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych, wielu komentatorów ogłosiło nadejście ery “post-rasowej”, w której różnice etniczne i koloru skóry nie mają znaczenia. W trakcie spotkania, dr Ewa Łuczak (Uniwersytet Warszawski) zastanowi się nad tym, jak dążenie do ideału spójnego społeczeństwa różnorodnego w USA powoduje pewien konflikt między perspektywą “uniwersalną” i wizją społeczeństwa “ponad-rasowego”, a perspektywą podkreślającą różnice etniczne i wykorzystujące do tego celu pojęcie “rasy”. Dr Łuczak przedstawi również różnice w sposobie traktowania pojęcia “rasy” w Stanach i w Europie.

Wypowiedzenie: dr Ewa Łuczak (Uniwersytet Warszawski
Prowadzenie: Artur Celiński (członek redakcji Res Publica Nowa)

Data: czwartek, 21 maja
Godzina: 19.00
Miejsce: Res Publica Nowa (ul. Gałczyńskiego 5) 

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 diversity forum

Diversity, identity, politics.  These issues rose to the forefront of debate in American society with the historical candidacies of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.  The rest of the world has joined us in this discussion and it continues in the next two months as part of a series organized by the Foundation Diversity Forum.  Join the debate about where to start with integration with experts and practioners at 18:00  on Wednesday, April 22 at Plan B. in Plac Zbawiciela in Warsaw and keep your eyes on this blog, where we’ll post updates on the series.

UPDATE: Follow after the jump to see the agenda. (more…)