In honor of the G8 ministerial meetings going on today and tomorrow, we’d like to showcase some resources from the archives of eJournal USA:

* April 2009: Energy Efficiency: The First Fuel

* March 2008: The Greening of U.S. Corporations

* July 2006: Energy SolutionsClean


If you’re interested in the financial crisis, but can’t make it Dr. John Karaagac’s talk tomorrow, you might want to check out the latest eJournal USA, which includes:

* Brown University Professor Mark Blyth, “The End of American Capitalism?  Mark Twain, Lake Wobegon, and the Current Crisis”

* The New Republic Senior Editor John B. Judis, “Debt Man Walking”

* Manhattan College professor of finance Prof. Charles R. Geisst, “Globalization and the World Financial System”

* Soros Fund Management Chairman George Soros, “Revise Regulation: The Theory of Market Equilibrium is Wrong”